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Sightseeing Spots

Sightseeing Spots

Information on sightseeing spots in the area recommended by Kashiwaya Ryokan

*Each time required is an approximate Kashiwaya Ryokan
  • A guide to scenic spots around

    • Sakasasugi (sacred ceder tree)(10 minutes by car)

      From the place where there are many thick branches hanging on the high trunk near the treetop
      It seems that it came to be called Sakasasugi (sacred ceder tree)
      The trunk circumference of Osugi is 11.5m.Female cedar is 8m and tree height is 40m.
      In April 1937, it became a Nationally-Designated Natural Treasure.
    • Momiji-dani Ohtsurihashi Large Suspension Bridge(15 minutes by car)

      Shiobara Dam Lake downstream of the Hoki River River that flows through the Shiobara Valley,
      Completed the longest suspension bridge in Japan with a total length of 320m.
      Shiobara a new attraction in Shiobara.(Japan's No. 1 unstiffened girder sidewalk suspension bridge)
    • Retrospective suspension bridge(10 minutes by car)

      A 100m long suspension bridge located upstream of the large suspension bridge.
      It's a little scary, so for couples and families
      This may be recommended.
      Have a mini hike in the Shiobara Valley
    • Hoko / Hekireki Waterfalls(1 and a half hours on foot)

      A roaring waterfall with a masculine intensity.
      A waterfall of Hekireki reminiscent of lightning and lightning with a loud sound.
      Two waterfalls are lined up.
    • Onuma Swamp Park(2 hours on foot / 20 minutes by car)

      The quiet lake surface is mysterious.
      Onuma no Mori (Onuma’s forest) was selected as Japan’s 100 Best “Forests for Forest Bathing”
      It is also known as the habitat of the natural monument Moria frog.
      The best time to see the skunk cabbage is in late April.
    • Shionoyu Onsen Shrine(In front of the hotel)

      Located in the cedar forest in front of the hotel.Was built in Kannin years (1018 years),
      Keicho seems that it was moved to this place during the Keicho era.
      The sculpture seems worth a look.Also good for an early morning walk.
    • Kotarogafuchi(25 minutes on foot)

      At the abyss in Hoki River, which pours into the Amayusawa Stream
      The scenery around the time of fresh green and autumn leaves is wonderful.
      There is also a teahouse with a rich atmosphere.
      The Lord of Shiobara time threw himself into a conspiracy still remains.
    • Happogahara(2.5 hours on foot / 30 minutes by car)

      A plateau area with a wonderful view of the Kanto Plain
      The Japanese azalea (mid-June) community in early summer, Happo Farm is recommended.
    • Kamimiyori Hydrophyte Garden

      It is near Kamimiyori-shiobara Station
      In the 2ha garden, there are skunk cabbage, golden-rayed lilies, etc.
      It is full of aquatic plants and alpine plants.
    • Raitei Waterfall(2 hours on foot)

      Raitei is a sword.
      Its sound, appearance and size clearly show the origin of the name.
      About 15 minutes on foot from Hoko / Hekireki Waterfalls
    • Yuhi Waterfall(1 and a half hours on foot)

      Literally, it is one of the famous waterfalls that represent Shiobara
      A long time ago, the climax of Waterfall Tour in Shiobara Yuhi Waterfall.
      45 minutes from Hoko / Hekireki Waterfalls
  • Information on sightseeing around the area

    • Shiobara Onsen Visitor Center(3 minutes by car)

    • Senbon Sue Ranch(20 minutes by car)

    • Rindoko Family Farm(60 minutes by car)

    • Nasu Animal Kingdom(70 minutes by car)

    • NASU GARDEN OUTLET(25 minutes by car)

  • Ski resort/Circuit field

    • 【Ski Resort】Hunter Mountain Shiobara(15 minutes by car)

    • 【Ski Resort】Edelweiss Ski Resort(20 minutes by car)

    • 【Ski Resort】Mt JEANS Ski Resort Nasu(80 minutes by car)

    • 【Circuit field】Twin Ring Motegi(100 minutes by car)

    • 【Circuit field】NASU MOTOR SPORTS LAND(60 minutes by car)

  • Golf course

    • Horai Country(20 minutes by car)

    • Nishinasuno Country(20 minutes by car)

    • Shiobara Country(15 minutes by car)

  • Other spots

    • Nikko Toshogu Shrine(110 minutes by car)

    • Ouchi-juku(110 minutes by car)

    • Oze(150 minutes by car)

    • Mashiko, a town of ceramics(100 minutes by car)