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Facility Information

It retains the remnants of an old-fashioned hot spring resort.A quiet inn that heals the mind.

A secret hot spring and a literary spa inn

"Shionoyu", which is said to be the "origin of the origin of Shiobara Onsen, " is a hot spring sanatorium that has been popular since ancient times and still retains the remnants of the Meiji era.
Kanomata River River was once used as a public bath.
The secret of its popularity is that it was the best hot spring for spa treatment (toji = taking a hot spring to cure illness).
The high spring temperature (source 60 ° C) and the high salt concentration make it possible to take an open-air bath in the cold season.
One of the features of Shionoyu" is that it warms the body from the core and is difficult to cool.
Your body is warm and warm all night long, allowing you to rest soundly.
For that Kashiwaya, many literary and summoned guests also visit the Shionoyu"Kashiwaya" as spa recuperators.

A place that still retains the remnants of a good old hot spring resort

Local, Shionoyu has the atmosphere of old-fashioned spas secluded also leave quietly now.
It is such a place where you can enjoy the goodness of the hot springs surrounded by the mountains.
If you follow the path of the cedar grove along the tributary on the broom side, you will find the Shionoyu Kashiwaya Ryokan quietly in a slightly open valley.
The wooden Kashiwaya Besso was completed in 1935.
You can casually enjoy the goodness of the hot springs surrounded by the natural mountains of the dense Shiobara
Many of the customers who visit us every year are said to be like that.
  • Hot Springs

    There are 6 private open-air baths within reach of the Kanomata River
    There are two large communal baths, Oya-ishi Stone
    Of course, you can enjoy all of them with 100% flowing water from a source full of rock salt minerals.
  • Rooms

    All rooms face the Kanomata River
    A variety of canyon beauty spreads out of the window depending on the season.
    I valued the quiet atmosphere as a whole,
    We are waiting for you to prepare a spacious and calm room.
  • Dining

    The food was passionate about freshness, with a focus on local ingredients.
    We hope you enjoy the taste of the season to your heart's content.
    We make each and every item with all our heart.
  • Front desk

  • lobby

  • entrance

  • Corridor

  • Signboard

Other facility overview

Standard room facilities

Some guest rooms bath and toilet/Air conditioning in all rooms/TV set/Empty fridge


Hand towel/Toothbrush / toothpaste/bath towel/shampoo/rinse/Body soap/Soap/yukata

Facility contents

Banquet Hall

Service & Leisure(Including arrangements)


Locally available credit card

Credit cards cannot be paid locally.

Supplementary information about amenities

Hair dryer is installed in the large communal bath

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax 250 yen for adults will be charged separately.

Cancellation provisions

10 to 4 days ago:10% of room rate
3 days prior:20% of room rate
2 days prior:30% of room rate
1 days prior:50% of room rate
On the day of arrival:100% of room rate
*If there is a cancellation policy set for each accommodation plan

Check In

15:00(Last 19:00)

Check Out



・Banquet hall x 1
・Supper from 18:00/Breakfast from 8:00

Room breakdown

Japanese-Western style room(18 square meters):9 rooms/Japanese-style room(15 square meters):6 rooms

Other equipment

Elevator/Free parking lot x 15 cars/Cafe/shop
Wi-Fi is available in the lobby on the 1st floor and in the B1 dining hall.)

Hot spring information

Hot Springs

Shionoyu Onsen(Shiobara Onsen)(100% natural hot spring)
Hot spring flowing*Nigori-yu without artificial hot springs

Open Air Bath

Yes (both men and women (including time change), can be reserved)

Private Bath

Yes(No conditions)

Number of baths

[Open-air bath]Man:0 woman:0 Mixed bathing:6
[Indoor bath]Man:1 woman:1 Mixed bathing:0
[sauna]Man:0 woman:0 Mixed bathing:0

Other bath facilities

Observation bath

Bath usage conditions

6 open-air baths can be reserved(From 7:00 to 22:00)
The bath in this facility is open day and night from check-in to check-out.

Breakdown of hot springs

Open-air bath x 6 / Large bath Men's bath x 1 / Women's bath x 1

Hot spring analysis

Source temperature 60.3 ℃
December 14, 2001
Ground survey PH6.13 Spring volume 346.7L / min(Digging artesian)
Colorless and transparent, almost odorless.
It turns orange when exposed to the air.

General indications

Neuralgia/muscle pain/Joint pain/Fifty shoulders/Motor paralysis/Joint stiffness/Bruise/Kujiki/Chronic gastrointestinal disease/Hemorrhoids/Cold sensitivity/Post-illness recovery period/Fatigue recovery/Health Promotion

Indications by spring type

Cuts / Burns / Chronic skin disease / Frail child / Chronic gynecological disease